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Thermostat Wiring NH

Thermostat wiring can be a daunting task. 

Back in they day they were simple. Thermostats were simply an on/off switch and temperature control. Nowadays thermostats have Wifi, LED displays, and a need for a constant power supply.

The most common problem people have with installing smart thermostats is the “C” wire. If you are switching over from an old mercury thermostat you likely don’t have a C wire. The old thermostats didn’t need any power to run. These new smart thermostats with WiFi and LCD screens require much more juice than the old thermostats did. We will soon be releasing a guide on determining whether or not you have a C wire or need one installed. Thermostat wiring is difficult.If you need thermostat installation please feel free to give us a call. We handle any kind of thermostats ranging from oldschool to new smart thermostats, nest thermostats, and any other WiFi thermostat that you may purchase.



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